According to your machine's use, we highly recommend to overhaul regularly your machine (every 5 years maximum).

This preventive maintenance work is essential to limit the downtime of your production.

Our quotes details a parts list potentially necessary for your machine's overhaul. Our sales policy is totally clear: only the parts which need to be changed are effectively changed. The remaining parts are taking back and not charged as well as labour : only performed labour is charged.

In this way, our technicians have all potentially useful parts available while overhauling.

Machines Upgrades

Perrier offers a wide range of modifications of your machines to make them more flexible, increase performance and make them more efficient.

Some examples:

Multiformat Stars
Detection of injection
Reduction of water losses
Multiformat Neck Profiles
Quick Release system for change parts
Download the file on machines upgrades

Perrier is a company approved by training organization.
As such, we can provide your staff different types of trainings.

Five types of training:

  • Session 1: Machine's control
  • Session 2: Adjustment & Changeover
  • Session 3: Maintenance
  • Session 4: Setting
Download session details


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