In 1962, René Perrier, PERRIER founder, created his first machine for the source Arcens: a mechanical bottle's agitator based on a handling system and rotation of the bottle by its body. Originally designed for the homogenization of the lemonade bottle, this machine also responded well to the needs of Champagne process with an immediate success. This explains why today champagne market remains a vector of development and a major market of the company.

PERRIER became, in 1968, the reference in machines for cleaning of containers, from 1000 to 120 000 Bph. The market development for non-returnable glass & plastic bottles in the mid-60s gives to PERRIER the opportunity to design new machines as rinser and blower with bottle's handling by its neck. PERRIER becomes the specialist cleaning of containers.

PERRIER, now led by Mr. Philippe PERRIER, anticipates bottling industry development. The company has always developed innovative solutions and won its notoriety and recognition of customers. The development of these different applications allowed good positioning in several industry branches such as:

  • Wines and spirits
  • Mineral waters
  • Soft drinks
  • Beers
  • Champagne and the Champagne method
  • Food laboratories, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical

Key Figures
  • Machines : 3500
  • Presence on five continents
  • Staff: 150 employees

Research and Development

As the value of PERRIER company is its ability to innovate and adapt, the research and development department is an important part of its strategy. Its goal is to improve and create new products to meet the expectations of the market and to bring solutions for future customer's needs. R & D makes it possible to maintain and develop the technological competitiveness of the company to face a strong competitive environment.

Mechanical Design

With a 50 years experience in the bottling industry, has acquired a undeniable know-how in bottling industry.

The ongoing commitment to increase the qualities of strength, finish, reliability and performance makes PERRIER machines, one of the finest examples of productivity on a bottling line.

We draw the attention of our visitors that we are not the Perrier mineral water company.
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