M6 Report: Cognac so popular abroad - 17/11/2017

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Hennessy inaugurates new Pont Neuf bottling and logistics facility - 27/10/2017

The Pont Neuf facility was unveiled by Bernard Arnault, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LVMH, Philippe Schaus, Chief Executive Officer of Moët Hennessy, and Bernard Peillon, President of Hennessy

The Chairman and CEO of LVMH started up PERRIER Monobloc - 27/10/2017

Bernard Arnault started up PERRIER Monobloc during opening ceremony of Hennessy new Pont Neuf bottling and logistics facility

Bacardi Limited has selected PERRIER Bottling Machines for its brand new Gin bottling line - 22/06/2017

From now, the worldwide known Bombay Sapphire Gin will be filled by PERRIER Bottling machines

Spirit Tour round 2 USA - 10/09/2014

PERRIER's team continues the presentation of its new innovative filler in different States of America.


JANSSEN Pharmaceutica International Group is always concerned with a perfect & effective cleaning of its flasks. To ensure that, they have chosen to renew recently its confidence with an air Blower PERRIER machine on its new packaging line, at BEERSE (BELGIUM)

PERRIER Air blower meets all requirements regarding cleanliness and safeties of pharmaceutical industry standards. Efficiency and flexibility, PERRIER Air blower can handle different kind of glass bottle or PET.

PERRIER shows its new technology in Kentucky Distilleries - 06/06/2014

Perrier Earns Diageo Distinguished Honors Special Projects Award

Perrier Earns Diageo Distinguished Honors Special Projects Award - 22/04/2013

Perrier Bottling Machines and its American partner Fowler Products, have been recognized by Diageo, the world’s largest producer of distilled spirits, with the Distinguished Honors – Special Projects award. The event held at Diageo Americas corporate headquarters, in Norwalk (CT), on October, 4th , 2012.

The Distinguished Honors – Special Projects award is given to the supplier that delivered a significant and critical project on time and on budget with exceptional leadership. Award winners must also demonstrate the kinds of creativity that result in exceptional value to Diageo. According to David Cutter, president of Diageo Americas Supply, “Working with world-class suppliers is a key element in ensuring Diageo provides quality, innovation, service, and value to its customers.”

Over the last two years, Perrier supplied six cleaning and filling systems to two Diageo facilities. This is in addition to the two bottling lines installed previously.

100' PERRIER monobloc - 27/02/2013

In the end of 2012, PERRIER delivered its 100' monobloc.
Air Blowing, Filling and Capping gathered in a compact and easy-to-clean machine.

We thank HENNESSY to trust in PERRIER again.



PERRIER participates in several exhibitions in Europe. We looking forward to seeing you at these events:

SIPEC, on October, from 1st to 3rd 2013 in Orleans, France
VITeff on October, from 15th to 18th 2013 in Epernay, France
SITEVI on November, from 26th to 28th in Montpellier, France

Large Bottles Spirit Filling - 20/02/2012

PERRIER has given again the proof of strength design & high reliability for its automatic bottling machines. We recently supplied a rinser – filler - capper monobloc suitable from 70 cl to 4.5 L bottles capacity. The number of change parts is reduced to the minimum even if only shaped bottles are running on this bottling line of a major global spirits supplier.

Filling spirits in PET bottles - 07/10/2011

Perrier bottling machines has developed a new technology to fill PET bottles with spirits.

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